CCSS Registration Information

Parents’ Guide to Student Information Update and New Enrollment 2021-2022

Students returning to Coffee County Schools from another school district must contact the school registrar for assistance beginning July 23.

Students who have never been enrolled in Coffee County Schools will use Option 2.

Ninth Grade students coming from Manchester City Schools will use Option 1.

For a printed version of this page please follow this link.

The information update and new enrollment process opens July 1. Parents will choose from one of  two categories: (1) Currently Enrolled Student or (2) New  Student 2021-202

Option 1: Currently Enrolled Student (enrolled on May 28)
Parents will use ParentVUE to update student information. Option 1 parents will use this link:
A Pre-K student who attended our schools last year falls under this option.
Option 2: New Student 2021-2022

Parents of students new to our district will follow this link to complete enrollment:

As a brief reminder, you will need the following forms to complete the enrollment process:

As a brief reminder, you will need the following forms to complete the enrollment process:
  1. Original copy of birth certificate with number and state seal. Mother’s copy is not acceptable.
  2. Student’s social security card (not required but preferred) 
  3. Parent’s driver’s license (copy will be made). If no driver’s license, then a state identification card is acceptable.
  4. Proof of legal custody if child not living with both parents. A power of attorney is not a custodial document. A custodial document is a parenting plan that is signed by a Judge of the Court.
  5. Two proofs of legal residency in Coffee County Schools zone. Examples include utility bills, lease agreements, insurance bills, bank statements, or any other official document which lists the current address. 
  6. Student’s Immunization record on the official card from the local health department or physician’s office.
New enrollment is only complete when all required and acceptable documentation is received and verified by the school registrar. New parents will be contacted by the email provided if additional or corrected documentation is required. Registrars will begin review of new enrollments on July 23. However, submissions will be monitored between July 1-23. You will be contacted if more information is needed.